The Simple Way to Write a Book


Do you need help writing your book?


You know writing your book is one of the best things you can do for your business. It can help you stand out from the competition. Attract new opportunities. Land the right kind of clients. Touch lives in a special way. Offer help and hope.

And while you know all this, writing your book has been the thing you’ve not been able to get done.

Until now.

Author Grow is our online program that simplifies the book writing process and helps you get your nonfiction book written in about 90 days. Our program eliminates the confusion, wipes away the intimidation, and dials down the stress surrounding book writing. We break the process down into six simple steps to help you finally write your book to tell your story and grow your brand.

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How to market your nonfiction book

So you want to write a book. That is great. Have you thought about how you will market it? After all, you want others to actually read it, right? They can't find out about it if you don't market it. Marketing is something many aspiring authors are uncomfortable with,...

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How to choose a winning book topic

Many authors struggle with finding just the right topic for their books. Of course if you are writing a book just as a hobby or simply because of your ego, then any topic will do. But if you are writing a book to help you in business, then it needs to have a winning...

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