Last week, we polled our authors, asking them on simple question:

Tell us which promotional services have gotten you results in the past.

Here is what they said…

Top Vote: Ereader News Today 

Perhaps selected for their variety of ease-to-obtain, cost, and result combination, Ereader News Today won the top selection with 29 Votes!

Runner Up: Book Bub 

With no surprise to find this high end promotional site at the top of our list, we suspect the only thing that kept it from climbing higher is how elusive their features are. You can’t vote for a promotion you’ve never run, after all! But when you do snag one of these bad boys, the results are incomparable. 

Second Runner Up: Book Rebel 

Book Rebel is the new kid on the block when it comes to book promotion, but has been quickly gaining in popularity due to ease of booking and reader response. Free books tend to see big spikes with fabulous sell through, though there is some feature curation going on to keep their newsletters appealing to their readers, who can select which genres they want to receive. Each newsletter is curated based on the reader’s personal selections, and Book Rebel limits how many books per genre each reader will receive, creating maximum exposure for each book. You can also earn partner credits for free promotions with their rewarding affiliate system as well as view click data for your promotions in real time. Pitfalls: Not yet fully synced with Paypal, so you have to email customer service after your booking is accepted if that is your preferred method of payment.*

*Disclosure: Book Rebel is partially owned by Rebecca Hamilton, who is the owner of Author Grow. However, the placement on this list was selected by authors without any influence from Author Grow.

Coming in at #4: Bargain Booksy

Boasting subscriber lists of 47,000 to 430,000, this newsletter option is a author favorite when it comes to great results for a fair price. This site may not be wide open on available dates due to popularity, but it’s usually not hard to get a date on the week you’re hoping for with a little advanced planning.

#5 OTOH Books

With nearly 100,000 subscribers, OTOH Books (aka “On the other hand, Books) reaches readers who buy books priced $0.99 – $3.99, with an average of 30-100 sales on their bigger promotions. OTOH cautions that due to the way these subscribers were curated (fans of traditionally published authors) that books with professional covers, strong blurbs, and enticing opening pages will perform best. For those looking for a cheaper promotion, they can look at options such as Weekend Reads, where authors who want the Newsletter focused only on their own title can pay a premium price for a solo feature. OTOH Books is a full service author promotional company, so they also offer ARC reader finding services as well as newsletter and social media builders, Facebook Ad Management, and More.*

*Disclosure: OTOH Books is owned by Rebecca Hamilton, owner of Author Grow. Placement on this list is based on author votes only.

#6 Fantasy Book Deals

If you write Fantasy or Urban Fantasy books, this genre-specific newsletter service will connect you with super-fans of the genre. Fantasy Book Deals limits their newsletters to 3 book offers per email maximum.

#7 Free Booksy

Affiliated with Bargain Booksy, Free Booksy is a popular ebook promotion newsletter service focused solely on Free Books. For your Free Book promotions, come here; for your Bargain Book promotions, see the link above for Bargain Booksy.

#8 Fussy Librarian

While Fussy Librarian may fall a little lower on the top 10 list, it’s still a top of the line service, especially for the price. Not only does Fussy Librarian offer lower priced promotions, but they also include the ability for authors to set reminders to re-run promotions after a set amount of time. One of the few pitfalls of Fussy Librarian is simply the long lead time on bookings. To get the day you want, you may need to plan 2-3 months in advance. But the effort is worth it!

#9 Robin Reads

Those who have been able to get a Robin Reads promotion suggest that they get good results, but caution that approval odds are 1 in 4 submissions or less. The plus side? Curated newsletters usually mean better subscribe retention, so if you get approved, you should reach a great audience.

Honorable Mentions

#10 Love Kissed Book Bargains

#11 Unearthly Ever Afters

#12 Book Sends

#13 Book Barbarian

#14 eBook Soda

#15 Steamy Book Bargains

#16 Book Gorilla

#17 My Romance Reads

#18 My Book Cave

#19 Book Adrenaline

#20 Riffle

What are some of your favorite Book Promotion Websites?

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