Author Grow is a publishing resource for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, people in ministry, and others who want to write books to share their stories and expertise. Author Grow is built on the philosophy that lessons, expertise, insight, and ideas gained from one’s life can be just the help and hope someone else needs. We aim to help small business owners and others turn what they have learned from their lives into useful books others can learn from and be inspired by. We also believe that writing a book doesn’t have to be the years-long, intimidating process many think it is. It can be done efficiently, using our simplified process. Quality books can be written in a timely manner so their authors can use them to help others, attract opportunities, and grow their businesses in the process.

Author Grow’s flagship offering is the Author Grow book writing online course. That course is a program that walks participants through the writing of their nonfiction books, using a simplified process. Participants can expect to finish their books in about 90 days.

Other offerings include book marketing services, to help nonfiction authors get the word out about their books and reach their target audiences.

Author Grow’s creators are publishing veterans, as they have run a book ghostwriting, editing, and design company. They have been involved in the production of hundreds of book and writing projects. Monica Carter Tagore has authored or ghostwritten more than 45 books, and has edited many more, while Anubhav Tagore has designed and come up with the visual identity of hundreds of books.

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Author Grow is a RootSky Creative brand.