Becoming an author isn’t just about vanity or ego. It’s a smart business decision. Writing a book is especially important for small business owners who offer services. This includes coaches, consultants, freelancers, and others who want to reach their target audiences. That is because those businesses are largely built on the personal brands of their owners. Those businesses provide services based on the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the coaches, consultants, freelancers, and others who run them.

As someone who has spent the past several years helping small business owners and people in ministry write and publish books, I know how important it is to become an author when you want to take your business to another level. In fact, writing a book related to your service business may be the way to stand out from the competition. Your book can share your story, philosophy, expertise, and solution. Writing a book can actually help you grow your business. In fact, here are five ways becoming an author can help your business.

  1. Your book positions your expertise. If you are struggling to stand out or want to be seen as the expert you are, then authoring a book on your topic helps you there. Your book helps you show what you are good at and why. It can help you show why what you do is special — even if at first glance, you are offering a service similar to what others are offering.
  2. Your book attracts new opportunities. Writing a book related to your business has a way of bringing you opportunities you may not even know exist. That is because those reading your book (or even those who just hear of your book), may then think of you when they have opportunities in your area and want you to be apart of those opportunities because you wrote the book on your topic. These opportunities may include new partnerships, speaking engagements and events, promotions, etc.
  3. Your book helps you get hired. Your book can help you get the attention of prospective clients and customers. These people read your book, realize you can help with their problem, then reach out to you. They will want more of you, which may include hiring you for services, joining your coaching programs, etc.
  4. Your book strengths your brand. Your book helps you grow a better brand. If you feel that your brand is a bit undefined or isn’t quite what you want, a book can help you sharpen that brand. Or if your brand is just where you want it, a book can reinforce that brand and introduce you to others who haven’t heard of you. Your book can more clearly define your area of expertise and help you market the business and brand you are building. And yes, becoming an author instantly elevates your stature, which enhances the brand that much more.
  5. Your book makes you a real person. You can share the relevant part of your story in your book, and this can help to humanize you. People do business with people. So when you move from being just a business in the eyes of your prospects, to being a person who runs a business, then this can help you become more attract. You can share your story and that story can help you relate to your prospects. They may choose to work with you over someone else because they feel like they got to know you by reading your book.

Writing a book is a business decision that can pay off in many ways when you offer a service and want to land new clients, attract opportunities, grow a brand, connect with your audience, and position expertise.