So you know you need to create content to grow your writing business. But what kind? Determining the right kind of content to create can help you reach your business growth goals. Good content can bring new customers and clients your way, as well as open the door to new opportunities as you become known for your content.

As a business book ghostwriter, I naturally believe anyone in business needs a book. A book (or ebook) is a great piece of content because it allows you to share your perspective and to educate your potential customers and clients at their own pace. But books aren’t the only type of content. Let’s look at several, starting with books:

1. Books and ebooks: Books and ebooks have several benefits. They immediately set their authors up as experts or authorities. Even though publishing has become easier than it has ever been before, readers still hold authors in high esteem. So if you have a business, cause, or idea you want to get more attention, then a book or ebook must definitely be seriously considered. You can write the book or ebook, have it edited and designed, and publish it on your schedule. Today, you can self-publish a book or ebook, with complete creative control over the product, so you get it the way you want it. If you’re not sure how to publish your book or aren’t in a position to write it yourself, then hire a business book ghostwriter or an editor.

2. Blog posts: Posts have the benefit of being able to be updated in real time, and as often as you want. You can write on your area of expertise, which shows your readers that you know what you are talking about, and allows them to become familiar with you and your ideas. Now your readers know whom to seek out when they have the need for an expert of your talents. Blog posts can range from very short to epic.

3. Video: Video content can touch its users in various ways, and in a short amount of time. A 60-second video can be powerful and can instantly go viral, with its succinct message. Video can also be more accessible to people who don’t read or who prefer this medium. You can hire a local film company or use technology to create your own when you use video in your content marketing for business strategy.

4. Commentary: Opinion pieces can be powerful content because they come down firmly on one side of an issue. They can help shape thinking and even actions. Opinion pieces can be published in magazines, newspapers, etc. These can help sharply define a brand.

5. E-courses, tutorials, and Webinars: This type of content seeks to educate and can be powerful by helping its users gain a new understanding. E-courses and tutorials can be delivered via email, website or blog download, etc. Webinars can be a great way to deliver tutorials and other information, as you educate participants on your area of expertise via a web conference.

6. Podcasts: Podcasts are another exciting form of content. Podcasts can be downloaded and listened to at a user’s convenience. They are digital media files (most often audio files, but don’t have to be) that can vary in length.

7. Articles: Articles have the potential to show your knowledge to a new audience because you are likely publishing the articles in a third-party publication, such as a magazine or newspaper. This allows you to gain credibility based on the strength of the brand of the publication you are being published in, as well as allows you to reach people you may otherwise not reach.

8. Newsletters: Publishing a newsletter is a great way to develop a relationship with your core audience, those who have chosen to join your mailing list. Your newsletter allows your readers to get to know you (and your brand) up-close. A newsletter delivered via email also has the benefit of being able to get you invited into your readers’ inboxes, as newsletter subscribers must opt into your list. A newsletter gives you the opportunity to craft a message and to share it regularly with your readers, thereby creating familiarity and intimacy.

You have your choice of type of content to create, based on how best to reach your target audience. Create useful content and include it in your marketing mix if you want to use content marketing for business. Do this at a high level, and you can make a living writing. Content creation and distribution is an excellent way to get more clients.

Have you engaged in all of these forms of content creation? If not, which one would you be interested in exploring?