Connect-and-Conquer-cover-375If you’ve been struggling for new ways to get business or are simply interested in adding a new technique to your mix, then check out my new book, Connect and Conquer: Grow Your Business, Organization, and Career Through Online and Offline Relationships. Relationships have been a key to my own business success, and I believe they can help you, also.

This is the reality: Your next job probably won’t come from the job boards. But it very well may come from your relationships. Your next business deal may not come from the ad you placed. But it very well may come from the relationships you are growing. If relationships hold so many opportunities, shouldn’t you be working on yours?

Relationships can be the difference between failure and success. If you don’t take care of your relationships, think you can only show up when you want something, or approach networking with a me, me, me attitude, then you won’t get very far. Contrast that with respecting relationships, consistent communication, and an attitude of giving, and you can reap huge benefits.

You may be putting a lot of time and effort into networking. The problem may not be the time or the effort. It may be the quality. It does little good to collect tons of business cards, if they are for the wrong people.  And if you’re not inspiring trust or simply aren’t very likable, then it won’t matter how smart you are. You’ll still get passed over. Tweak your approach and get better results.

In Connect and Conquer, learn several keys to better and smarter networking:

1. The attitude change you need to make if you want to be successful.

2. Why yesterday’s networking strategies don’t work as well today.

3. How you can connect with others based on what’s special about you.

4. Why it’s not necessary to hit every networking event in town.

5. How to use social media to build relationships.

6. How to attract the right people, based on your goals.

7. How to build relationships and get new business without even leaving your house.

8. More.

When you are running a writing business, how well you get along with others, the way you present yourself offline and online, and how you stay in touch can all matter far more than how well you write. You see, nobody can hire you if you don’t help them know you, like you, and trust you.

I’ve worked hard to share useful information you can begin to put in place immediately to rev up your business, organization, and career. No matter your circumstances, or where you are in life, you can use the techniques I share and make them work in your writing life and business. With more than 50 tips for creating, growing, and leveraging relationships, Connect and Conquer is a practical resource for your success.

I’d love it if you’d grab your copy of Connect and Conquer: Grow Your Business, Organization, and Career Through Online and Offline Relationships today. Get it here.

How have relationships helped in your life and work?