Win 1 Year of Free Mentoring with NYT Bestseller Rebecca Hamilton

This opportunity has ended. Winners were announced HERE.

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Thank you for your interest in winning a year of free mentoring with me! Let me take a moment to tell you a bit about what I do and why I’m offering this opportunity.

Over the last few years, I have helped dozens of authors launch full time writing careers where they make anywhere from $5,000 – $40,000+ a month. In fact, over 20% of the current Top 100 Bestselling Authors on Amazon in the Fantasy and Romance genres are previous or existing clients of mine!

Sometimes I’m asked, “Why don’t you just focus on your own career?” and the answer to that is, I did, for a while, and I was doing really well. But being a slow writer and raising children with special needs has slowed down my own career, so I’ve been focusing on helping other authors during this season in my life where I’m busy being a mother. (I still write books, but I’m simply focusing on growing other authors careers instead of my own for the time being.)

Those who have worked with me have told me that no one else shares as much real, usable advice as I offer, and I believe that’s because I don’t hold back. I want other authors to succeed. And I’m so good at it, that I make other writing “gurus” nervous! I teach authors the writing and marketing secrets that successful authors want to keep to themselves.

My support has been delivered to authors through a variety of means, ranging from services that feature authors’ books to nearly 100,000 readers to free and paid author writing or marketing courses that help authors grow their careers. Authors have seen real results working with me; you can read some of their testimonies HERE. I’ve also sponsored several authors over the years, which is a bit like the mentoring I’m offering here, except I also paid for their book covers, editing, and marketing plans. Although teaching authors is how I pay my bills, I do it because my heart is in it. I know not every talented author in this industry has the ability to “pay to play” in the publishing world, and I try to give back to this community every chance I get.

Although I’m currently at capacity in my ability to fully sponsor authors, I still want to do more for the authors who can’t afford my advice, so I’ve decided to offer (for free) a special group mentoring program for 12 select authors!

That’s where you come in!

I know it’s going to be hard for me to select only 12 authors. I already personally know more authors than that who I would like to help. That’s why I’m not only offering free mentoring to 12 authors, but I’m also offering a one-time course with free writing, marketing, and publishing tips for anyone who signs up. Simply fill out the free subscription form below to receive your special invitation.

As for the 12 mentor spots, I’ll be offering these spots in a variety of ways: 4 authors will be chosen at random from the subscription form above, 4 authors will be chosen based on samples of their writing from the self-nomination form below, and 4 existing clients will be chosen based on the self-nomination form below as well. This particular mentor program will occur in a group setting, via Facebook group.

But that’s not all! Because I know there’s a lot more than 12 authors out there who need support, I’m also opening up a special donation line where past clients who are now doing well can optionally donate toward sponsoring another author. For every $250 raised, I will select a new author for free mentoring. (That’s 1/3 the price I charge for one-on-one mentoring, so essentially, I am matching $2 for every $1 donated!)

If you would like to donate to this initiative, you may do so via THIS LINK.

If this goes well, I’ll run it again next year as well!

If you would like to apply for one of the 12 spots, please subscribe above or fill out the form below…or both! Remember, I’ll be picking 4 authors at random from the newsletter above and 8 authors from the form below. I look forward to announcing my selections on May 15, 2018!

*Everyone who enters but does not win will be granted any single course of their choosing for 25% off!