The Secret to Series that Sell (A Series Development Course)

Everything you need to know about developing your series!

In the Series Development Course, we will go over the steps for developing a series with marketing in mind. In this course, you aren't just learning how to develop an idea. You are learning how to develop an idea that will sell--to readers, to agents, to publishers. You will learn advanced marketing techniques that all the bestselling authors--both indie and traditional--are utilizing. This isn't just a course to help you with developing an idea. This course will teach you how to SELL. Several of the ideas taught in the course can even be applied to existing titles. We know there's a lot more to marketing than running advertisements. And we're going to teach you what those things are, and how to tap into those techniques!

  • Series Idea
  • Creating a Pitch
  • Series ARC
  • Series Titles & Book Titles
  • World Building
  • Character Cast
  • Series Development Planning Worksheet

This course material is included in the Publishing Mastermind Course. If you are a student in that course, you do not need this one.

Your Instructor

Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton is a New York Times bestselling author who moved her writing career to the slow lane to focus on her family and on helping other authors build their careers. Over the last four years, she has helped hundreds of authors move from part time hobby writing to full time career writing. Many of her "graduates" have moved on to make $5k-40k+ a month writing books, and 20% Amazon's bestselling authors are Rebecca's past or current clients. Her 2018 one-on-one coaching clients have experienced 100% success rates with her 14 Step Method, though she also offers smaller courses for authors who just want to dip their toes into the publishing pool first, before diving in.

Course Curriculum

  Series Arc
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  Series Titles and Book Titles
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  Where to Next?
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