The Six Figure Author Secret

Advanced Book Market Research Strategies to Set You Up for Prime Time!

It’s Time To Take Your Career To Six Figures Without Expensive & Time-Sucking Mistakes Most Authors Make

Know Who Your Audience Is & What To Write Before Putting Pen To Paper

The biggest trap authors get stuck in is…

…learning and implementing writing, publishing, and marketing separately.

To become a successful 6-figures author, writing, publishing, and marketing CAN NOT be independent of each other.

Many authors start out like this…

  1. Write a great book.
  2. Learn everything there is to know about their craft.
  3. Use editors.
  4. Work with critique partners.
  5. Get amazing reviews on their books because the writing is strong.

When that’s done, they move on to publishing…

  1. Create a cover that everyone loves.
  2. Write a fantastic blurb that made people want to buy.
  3. Invest in professional book formatting.

Dotting all the i's. Crossing all the t's.

Next, marketing, right?

They do ALL the launch things.

  1. Presell.
  2. Post on social media.
  3. Dump money into advertising.

And if they’re lucky, they pull in $1k- $2k a month. Which isn't great, but it’s something and better than what many other authors are making.

But there isn’t any long term success.

They read all the books, took all the courses, and followed the advice of all the “tell all” success stories of other authors.

But there’s something still missing.

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t get discouraged if it does. My path was similar when I began my career as an author.

After years of trial and error and thousands of dollars in courses and trainings and learning what NOT to do, it finally clicked.

I finally figured out "The Secret Formula" that people usually only discover by luck, and many struggle to repeat…

The repeatable, proven process that has worked over and over again for my clients since I've started to implement it.

Since getting my head out of the sand and opening my mind to look at things synergistically, I have been able to:

  • Help over 500 authors hit the USAT or NYT bestseller list.
  • Hit the USA Today bestseller list with a single title on multiple occasions.
  • Hit the New York Times bestseller list with a single title on my first try.
  • Teach hundreds of authors how to make six to seven figures a year writing fiction.

I wished there was someone out there to tell me what I now share with others. I could have saved a lot of time and money, and I could have made a much larger profit on my books.

That's my Motivation Behind…

The Six Figure Author Secret

The only mini-course for authors that reveals the proven, step-by-step process of

effective market research for a long-lasting, successful author career.

Whether you’re been at this for a while without progress, or have made some progress but you've gotten stuck, The Six Figure Author Secret is the perfect for authors at any level.

You’ll learn how to:

  • TRULY write to market without chasing fads and burning out
  • Use professional tools to determine book ideas best timed for the market right now instead of writing something no one wants to read
  • Market research in a way that aligns with your brand authentically and sustainably
  • Create a story concept and plot that you LOVE and connects with readers to skyrocket success

A Sneak Peek Inside The Six Figure Author Secret:

Module 1: Introduction - The Synergy of Writing and Marketing

Discover the number one cause of authors not being able to break through to make six figures a year.

Module 2: Target Market Research

Use multiple search tools to find what will sell and use that to optimize your book ideas with my time tested process. You’ll get the advantage other course graduates have with the tips and tricks shared in this module.

Module 2 Bonuses:

Amazon Book Market Research Spreadsheet Template

Easy 3-Step Guide for using Google Trends

Module 3: Understanding Your Audience

My proprietary process for writing about what your audience loves (themes, tropes, etc) in the way you love to write about them (your unique voice, style, and spin on things).

Module 4: Advanced Market Research

Twenty-eight minute, in-depth walk through video explaining how to find the best author audiences to target with your advertising.

Module 4 Bonuses:

Deep Dive Market Questionnaire

Market Comparison Worksheet

Who is The Six Figure Author for?

  • Both new and established fiction authors who are not making the profit they desire from their book(s)
  • Authors who are committed to the market research effort needed for a best selling book
  • Authors who enjoy self-led learning without having to search for (usually useless) information on YouTube

This is a MINI course that gives a MEGA impact.

You can complete viewing of this course in under 3 hours and implement the trainings in under 10 hours. All of our trainings are NO FLUFF because a successful author career isn't built by spending a million hours watching padded-out trainings. It's spent WRITING. We aim to get you the knowledge as quickly as possible so you can take action.

The way I see it, you have two choices:

ONE: Take the path I did: trial and error for 30,000 hours and a scary amount of dollars trying to figure out how to create a formula for success.


TWO: Learn my proven process without the expensive and time-sucking mistakes I made and get the same six-figure results like other authors who are effectively applying all of this knowledge.

Most authors, I suspect, would rather not waste their time and money. That's why you're here, right?

Marketing goes beyond the steps you take with your final product. Treating all areas of your career synergistically can be the difference between a good career and an amazing one.

It’s about time YOU have an amazing author career.

Get The Six Figure Author Secret Now & Finally Skyrocket Your Author Career!

Your Instructor

Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton is a New York Times bestselling author who moved her writing career to the slow lane to focus on her family and on helping other authors build their careers. Over the last four years, she has helped hundreds of authors move from part time hobby writing to full time career writing. Many of her "graduates" have moved on to make $5k-40k+ a month writing books, and 20% Amazon's bestselling authors are Rebecca's past or current clients. Her 2018 one-on-one coaching clients have experienced 100% success rates with her 14 Step Method, though she also offers smaller courses for authors who just want to dip their toes into the publishing pool first, before diving in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?
The course is broken into bite-sized chunks so you can work at your own pace. Each module will take approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete.
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Feel free to join us in our Facebook Group, Writing and Marketing Strategies for Authors at
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Yes, once the course is purchased, you will immediately be emailed a link to log into Teachable, the course-hosting site.
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You have lifetime access to the course content.
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With self-led courses, there is no way to return intellectual property or for us to confirm proper application of the advice we've given. As such, we currently only offer a Money Back Guarantee on 3XP Mentorships. If a Money Back Guarantee is important to you, please visit to learn about our FULL 3XP Program. Please email any and all questions to [email protected] *before* making a purchase if you have any questions.

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